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Camping Safety Tips

Before You Leave:

  • Adults should prepare a first aid kit. Include antiseptic ointment, acetaminophen (Children's Tylenol, tempra or Liquiprim), ibuprofen (Children's Advil or Motrin), bandages, thermometer, tweezers, a needle, and an instant cold pack.
  • Pack a flash light and make sure it works before you leave.
  • Be prepared for the worst weather. Pack foul weather gear.

At Camp:

  • Look For a campsite before dark and allocate enough time to set up; pitch you tent first and then get food and other materials organized.
  • Check the site for potential hazards such as: Poison Ivy, Bees, Ants, sharp rocks and other dangerous areas.
  • Don't pitch a tent under a tree; branches fall and can damage tents and injure people, too.
  • Camp far enough above a river or stream, or above high tide at a beach.
  • Beware of falling rocks when camping near a rocky hillside.
  • Never use an open flame, such as candle or a match, in or near a tent.
  • Fire is of prime concern at the campsite.
  • Build campfires several yards away from your tent; be sure the fire is downwind from the tent.
  • Be sure you have an area for fire that cannot spread laterally or vertically.
  • When ever a fire is lit at the campsite be sure someone is assigned to watch it at all times.
  • Keep water nearby for emergencies. Place two fire buckets, filled with water, at each tent.
  • Be sure that when you put the fire out you use water and soil and be certain that the fire is completely out, cool to the touch. Embers buried within the pile of ashes have a tendency to re-ignite later.
  • Make sure there's no chance of fire when cooking near grass or underbrush. In dry areas lighting open fires is often prohibited.
  • Make sure pots, pans, etc., are stable when cooking.
  • Rake over coals so they will not burn when you leave camp.
  • Dispose of all trash properly in the proper recycling bins if available.


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